The Potato and Tomato: A Love Story

She had really good roots,
And I stemmed from weak vines,
I always gravitated towards her,
The only thing I pined.

She never thought she was very appealing,
But I assure you,
When I see her,

I turn red every time.

We couldn’t be together,
Not part of the same vines,
Never intertwined,
Not even part of the same group,
She a vegetable,

I a fruit.

I was told I should leaf her,
Maybe branch out a bit more.
But she was the only thing that kept me grounded,
The starch of my life,
My spuddy,
Through the pain and strife.

Even though we grew apart,
As harvest came to chart;
I knew in my heart,
That fate would come around,
And we would stick together if found.

So when it was time to say goodbye,
I would have never predicted why,
We would meet again in McD,
As ketchup and fries.

And spuddy,
I’ll love you till the day I die.


-Yuki Hansa



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