I never understood baseball
And friendship for me,
is like baseball;
Wondering why it keeps getting bigger
And then it’ll hit you.

I know, we met rather dramatically
After I nearly fell off the LRT;
Almost losing my train of thought,
Making me go off track,
And thinking wheel this turn out alright?

After that first show we saw,
And our first exchange was about puns,
And I guess you could say we were good at wordplay
‘Cause we didn’t even have to stage it!

Maybe it was the way when we climbed stairs,
You would always take it to the next level;
Maybe just another step
Grazing, the side bar,
Seeing how much we could handle…

When we sat down,
I wondered if you were just doing me a chairity;
Maybe I should just sit this one out.
After all,
I just got out of a broken relationship
I didn’t need another to rock.

And I know,
We just met for two weeks
And the only connection we have, WiFi.
But I threw away my watches;
Guess you can say time out!


But I know we have a relentless God
That’s why we met before Easter.
And we were a little bit too fast,
But our poetry will grow in abundance

And our pun battles
I just can’t pass.

– Yuki Hansa



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