My hands were meant for service,

But my heart not for ministry.


It’s been so long since I understood,

That I don’t have to be an usher,

A worship leader,

Or a pastor,

To be a servant of the Lord.


I want to give my life,

Make a change,

Do good where none is given,

But how can I when the perspective of

Servanthood was narrowed to,

Christian and not?


I would have ran,

Ran into a room,

To share a project,

To land a pitch,

Show that life isn’t just tea over devotion,

Or bible reading plans,

But a question is only one that matters.


“That’s great!

But is it Christian?”


How many times have I heard funding being withdrawn,

Pulled back resources,

From NGO’s and child takers,

Just because there’s no evangelistic action?

As if the reason I want to be good,

Was just for religious sanctification.


The steward buried the coins again,

They seeped into the tower on the right of the building,

To the upgraded speakers in it,

Simply to announce the word is good,

While the people’s ears are deaf to things they will never experience.

Don’t label charity as a religion,

Don’t try to twist foundations into nations,

Don’t use this as another chance to discriminate,

To reinforce what you think isn’t innate.



Just show your love.

Support us,

Tell this generation that life is more to it,

Than inside the comfort zone,

Of the walls of our religions.


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