I guess I can say I’m an all-rounder like a typical Asian stereotype, I get decent grades, an okay athlete, and I can kind of write and do art stuff. Most people praise me and my peers who achieve the same standard as me, but most of the time, I feel like none of the praise should be attributed to me because the only reason why I’m here is purely by chance and privilege.


Here are a few things I feel I should remember that I’m simply a product of my circumstances and privileges and hopefully, keeps me humble.


  1. School Background


I come from a rather high-performance school (at least that’s what they say because I’m reminded every second that the school is such but we never actually feel it). This hence opens up a lot of doors to me to a lot of International forums and opportunities to participate in and expand my horizon and knowledge through such extra-curricular activities.


I hence manage to improve my skills, from leadership qualities to self-evaluation and this in a sense makes me better at what I do, because I have connections to gain experience.


Plus, coming from an apparently high-performance school, I have been blessed with good teachers to push us just enough to do our work and develop some form of discipline. The pressure is slightly over the top here, and hence it pushes us to perform and we kind of do?

2. Family Background


I grew up with very loving, supportive parents, and even most of my relatives keep to themselves. There wasn’t any pressure in this household to by a high achiever and my parents have always encouraged making the best out of life through personal development and not just supposed success.


I was supported to do whatever on earth I wanted as long as it was healthy, pursue all my crazy dreams and opportunities that were thrown at me or I chased after, and they taught me plenty of good morals and values that I uphold up to today.


We are mostly financially stable as well and everyone is healthy.


I feel that even my leadership qualities come from being an older sister to two younger ones, and because they trust and respect me, I manage to learn to lead other people the same way I lead them due to the way they teach me how to be a better leader.


3. Community

The friends I have are very healthy, open friends who value a lot of the same values and make me a better person with gentle yet straightforward lectures. They are open and honest with me, and even though their little flaws, we managed to accept each other for who the other one is.


These friends that are open minded yet also very over achievers and striving to make the best out of themselves every day have motivated me in more ways than one to better improve myself.


Plus, due to the experiences that allow me to meet all different types of people, I managed to gather a lot of perspectives from different people that have graciously opened up to me and trusted me, and all in all made me a more empathetic and whole person with different perspectives.


4. Timeline


We live in a time where learning has become so much easier, and all we need to do is to type into a search engine and we can get what we want to find. Plus, there are all these amazing creators and educators on Youtube and Blogs that make such quality and interesting content that enhanced my life through talks and informative videos jam packed with philosophy and general knowledge and made extremely interesting and fun.  


I only get the information and learning I do because of them, for otherwise, I would be too lazy to even bother if I was in a different timeline.


There are way more factors that I keep forgetting to mention when I remind myself who I am today is not entirely my effort but sometimes, by circumstances or pure luck.


At the same time, we shouldn’t disregard our work and effort that we have to put into things to make them happen, and the outcomes we have to bear when we don’t.

The percentage of effort still remains as the percentage we have to fill, sometimes the circumstances fill up the higher percentage and we only have to give minimal effort, and sometimes it is the other way round, but we still have to give something to make things that within our control happen.

On a side note to that, we have to remember that sometimes, we are not our effort or our circumstance or privilege and we don’t have to feel bad for that.

It might be a bit depressing when you face problems when you come from an extremely great background because you feel like everything else is done for you but yet you can’t even put in the minimal effort because you’re just tired or just not well enough. Like you don’t deserve to complain because you haven’t earned enough bad circumstances to.

But I think we must remember, we should never ever compare suffering. Just because someone else has worse circumstances than us, we shouldn’t feel bad because we didn’t choose your circumstance or the option to not feel pain, and neither have them. Pain is universal and everyone gets hurt.   

I guess in the end, it’s just about being grateful for your privileges and utilising the privilege you have right now to the best advantage and making the best out of it.


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