The city was better left a forest

Mismatched houses and jigsaw streets

The sidewalk a disarray of steps

Leaves would’ve been a calmer set  



The education system has always been

A mess of structure and curved guidelines

Thinking outside of the box

Into a bigger box

As if we could forget the existence of it



I didn’t ask for this,

To be struck with questions

Detours and reroutes

Interference and miscommunications

And most annoyingly

The weather changes. 


I don’t even know where this poem is going,

Maybe its Maybelline.




I’ve stopped looking for definites


For promises and full stops.

I might not know the full truth anymore,

Settling for exaggerations and unspoken lies.  


And that’s why,


Become it’s my favourite word,

An infinite nebula of uncertainties and possibilities

The utter meaninglessness lost with the stars

And two syllabus

Of a




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